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ABout ME

I'm someone just like you. As we've all been through and are going through things in this crazy beautiful world, I've realized my purpose for helping in the way I am came to me as my "ikigai". Sailing around the world. My "reason for being."

I grew up lower class, had a tragic up-bringing, a present father, did some sports, had plenty of jobs. From there, joined the military - got injured/survived, medically retired from military, put myself through school, got my degree, worked in medical, and now I'm here.

My "ikigai" came to me packaged as a little medical scare. Learning to be grateful for everything that happened and happens for a reason, I decided to take advantage of my found purpose and go for it. I moved out of my residence while working 3 jobs, slept in the back of my Jeep for 5 months and saved up for SV IKIGAI (my 1981 Endeavour 37), so I could go sail around the world and spread love and compassion along with; clean water, food, medical supplies and instruction, and if possible - renewable energy.

IKIGAI Mission

Join SV IKIGAI while embarking on this incredible voyage around this beautiful planet for the next several years.

SV IKIGAI's aim/hope is that we can open eyes and inspire within each and every one of us - 

how to obtain a true genuine sense of happiness!


We will:

  • Conduct humanitarian missions which include supplying; clean drinking water, renewable energy, food, clothes, medical supplies and education for those who can't afford and/ or need it.

  • Help our oceans though humanely collecting and submitting environmental and microbiological specimens.

  • Inspire to find, live and breathe YOUR ikigai.

You can follow Sailing SV IKIGAI on YouTube, Instagram, Patreon, and my personal Facebook page.



Or doing good in life, either way, I want to invite you out for a stay. 

Many of you are not able to make it out and contribute in person with the IKIGAI mission, but you do so in your own way which I'm incredibly grateful for!

For those of you that are able to, I'd like to invite you out and experience the lifestyle for yourself. From beach clean up, humanitarian run, or learning a new culture.


Get your plane ticket and don't worry about the rest!

Find your Ikigai
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